Your reason to homeschool will greatly influence the curriculum you choose. For instance, you can use a Bible-based curriculum, you can make your own, or choose to use an all-encompassing (boxed) one.  If you are teaching various levels and age you might want to use a program that will allow you to combine your students for some of the classes.

 Multilevel Grades.

Think of your homeschool as a one-room schoolhouse. There are some subjects that require one-on-one attention. These include Mathematics, Writing, and Reading. The rest of the subjects can be taught through a multilevel approach. Older students are given harder assignments to keep them challenged.

College prep

One of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is being able to tailor your student’s education. If they are college-bound, you can start thinking of ways to save money while they are still in high school. This may be through Dual Enrollment, CLEP, or taking Advance Placement Classes (AP).