I Fail Often!!

I am not perfect

I don’t know everything

I make mistakes

I always have laundry to do

I don’t always have a clean house


I do not always finish the teaching in 6 hours

I do not always have papers graded, sometimes for a week

I do not always have a schedule set for the week

I do not always know if I brought the books in from the car


Instead of dwelling on the above


I know how to empower my children

I know how to develop their potential

I know how to instill a positive mental attitude

I know to lead the from the heart

I know how to reach their hearts




I know my source of Power.

I have the best model/example

Jesus empowered His disciples

He sent them to exercise their gifts.

 (Matthew 9:37-38)


As for my children


They will know whose they are

They will become the best version of themselves

They will know how to use their God-given gifts

They will know how to set goals

They will know to treat others without taking advantage of anyone

They will know how to bless others

They will know how to set a vision and get it


(Among other things)


In the end,


They will bless me.

Comparison Monster!!

☝️ You are the best home-educator and mom for your children.
☝️ God put the dream in you to homeschool, and He has already equipped you.
✋The fingers in your hands have different lengths, so are homeschool families. We are all different.
☝️ Someone else could be comparing themselves to you. You are their greener pasture!
☝️ Your students are not your own. They came through you.
👀 Look to their MAKER for help! Surrender!!
Enjoy the journey. It goes so fast.
Is this something you have been struggling with a lot?

The Wuhan Effect

In a period of 6 months, a little known city in China has become a household name. No one knew about Wuhan China. It was not in the school course. We did not have to learn about it for the ACT or SAT or for any significant purposes. Unfortunately, this little city will forever be associated with the greatest human change in recent history. The coronavirus pandemic. In the blink of an eye what came out of Wuhan made the whole entire world cease to operate in whatever routine that we all called normal for the last century. Masks have become part of our everyday attire. In addition to parenting their children, every parent with a school-aged child has a new role. They are responsible for their school work. Children are doing their school at home. This should not be confused with homeschooling, mainly because the parents are not in control of the learning material. The teacher provides all the material and the parent is expected to report to the teacher all that the child has done. In true homeschool scenarios, the parent is responsible for the material and the results of their child’s education. In a true homeschool world, the parent is free to be creative and flexible to adjust according to the child’s learning style. This makes it less stressful and actually enjoyable. It becomes a lifestyle and the parent is at liberty to make every opportunity a learning moment. I work with parents who seek an alternative to public school for their children’s education. I inspire them to align their values with the goals they have for their children. If you want to learn how to homeschool your child, feel free to contact me and I will show you how. I can coach you to succeed in this journey. It would be the best gift you can give your child.

5 Critical Steps to Homeschool

Are you thinking of homeschooling? This 5 steps will set you on a good start.


When you decide to homeschool, most likely there will be people in your circle who will not support, or understand your decision. It is important that you enter into this journey with the right mindset. Do not doubt yourself. Know that with every new thing that we introduce in our life, there is going to be fear. The thing is, fear is unfounded. It is a way for your brain to try to protect you. Set your mind to a life of positive stance and you will succeed. Have confidence. You can do this. You can do it and do it well.


Just like your fingers are all of a different height, homeschooling is not going to be the same from family to family. Better still, it will look different for each child you have to homeschool. You will be doing yourself an injustice if you start comparing yourself to others. We all have our own path to walk and they will never look the same. Embrace yours and match on.


This is by far the most important task you will undertake. Take care of any legal paperwork that needs filing. Spend some time to learn how you will adjust your life to suit the new lifestyle. As you are planning, remember to leave room for flexibility. Set aside a day or a week to go through the different books, curriculums, and activities you will be undertaking. For instance, if you want to include piano to your school, take some time to find a teacher, if you going to outsource.


No man is an Island. Don’t do it alone. There are so many great parents out there who have walked the journey you are about to undertake. Reach out to them. They will soon become your biggest cheerleaders and role models. Outsource what you feel that you need to. Join a co-op. This will give you and the children a chance to interact with others and will become your tribe. You will need a good support system and this will be one step to creating life long friends.


Homeschool is a very good foundation for building solid relationships with your child. Not only that, but you will also be amazed at the firm friendship that is built among the siblings and as a whole family. It is a lifestyle that presents very unique opportunities that are equal to no other. Most importantly, you have a chance to instill in your children your values and beliefs.

Getting Ready to Homeschool

Before you even start browsing the catalog, deciding what curriculum to use, write out your mission. What is your why? Religion? Cultural influence? Family dynamics? Whatever your reason is, write it down. Commit it to memory and put it somewhere that you can see it often. This will become your true north when things get rough, because they will. One day you will look outside and see that yellow bus and wonder why your kids are not in it. You will need your mission to keep you going.

One of the most important things to remember as you start your homeschool journey is first and foremost, you are your children’s mom. The teacher thing comes later. God brought them to the world through you. He will equip and help you bring them up to what His purpose is in their lives.  So, relax and enjoy the opportunity. Homeschooling is a journey and not a race. In the end, it will become a lifestyle. The second note to take into consideration is that all children learn differently. Some are kinesthetic learners and some are auditory learners. Knowing this and adjusting your curriculum to reflect the same will make your life so much easier. Doing so will promote mastery of the subjects, and hence the joy of learning. Homeschooling is not school at home. Remember you have full responsibility when it comes to your children’s learning. Trying to duplicate the nuances of a regular school will rob you of the joy and elevate the stress at home. Remember, you are not restricted to timelines and schedules. For instance, if you pick to do math facts before spelling, that is ok. It is ok to do school at the park when it is nice outside. As women, we tend to compare ourselves with others and that is no exception to homeschooling. Avoid falling into this trap. Homeschooling is different for every family. Remember, there are as many schools of thought when it comes to homeschooling as there are many homeschoolers. It would be overwhelming especially if this is your first year homeschooling. One advantage of homeschooling is a flexible lifestyle. Life happens. It is ok to skip school and go on a trip with daddy on his business trip. Switch a lesson plan to learn about an eclipse that is happening tomorrow. Because homeschool is a lifestyle, make every opportunity a learning experience. From taking care of a newborn to grocery store trips in the middle of the day. View every day as a mystery to solve. Learning opportunities are all around us. There will be times when you will not have an answer to their question. That is when you say, “let’s figure it out”. This will inspire them to have a love for learning. This is a skill that will help them tremendously in the future. When you show your vulnerability, you are also teaching them courage. All being told, the key to a successful journey is consistency. God is good. Cleave to What is Good!