Stifling Them Slowly!


From the voice of a teenager:


The only time dad talks to me is:

  • when he wants me to do something for him.
  • when he is reminding me of my cousin’s success.
  • When he is reminding me of how good I have it.
  • When he tells me of the hardships he went through at my age.
  • When I have done well in school. Two words.


✅ I long to know my dad.

✅ I know he went through hardships.

✅ I want to know him for who he is now.

✅ I love my dad

✅ I know he loves me

✅ I want him to talk to me

♥️ To tell me it is ok to fail

♥️ To tell me he loves me

♥️ To tell me I am enough

♥️ To tell me I matter

♥️ Most of all, I want him to listen to me.”


Please see me!!

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