Emotions and Energy.

How do you handle emotions? Do you let them control you or do you control them?

What I learned this week is that I can improve my quality of life by learning how to control my emotions. I also learned that I operate best when I am experiencing positive energy and I am able to lead effectively. There is less friction in my relationships too. 

I took the following steps to bounce back to the positive energy:

      • Deep abdominal breaths, exhaling slowly
      • told someone that I appreciated them
      • changed the dialog in my head. 

To change the dialog in my head, I asked myself three questions:

      • Is this situation true?
      • will it matter in six months?
      • how can I grow from the situation?

The quality of energy improved, and I was able to control my emotions positively. I was more productive, there was less friction, and I accomplished more.