I feel you girl!

Photo by Hian Oliveira

Why is it easy for some people to cry while others don’t? If you come across a friend in distress, crying their heart out, what would you do? If you are like me, most likely you will start tearing up too. Why is this so?

We are born with emotions and we express them in response to our mental and physical state. When we see someone cry, it could be an indication that we feel their pain, or whatever they are going through.

In Galatians 6:2 we are told to bear one another’s burden.  Walk with them through the pain. Help them carry it but don’t transfer the burden. It only makes it lighter when two or more people are carrying it. Let’s be ready to comfort one another in love.

What are your feeding on?

Growing up, we did not have running water in the house. We either depended on a nearby river or a neighbor’s well. The well was not mechanical with a pump and all. No. It was a manual operation. A bucket tied to a rope, thrown into the well, and when one heard the sound of the bucket hitting the water, the next feeling would be the bucket sinking in and getting heavy. That is when one knew that it is time to pull, and eventually, the bucket, full of water will surface. The quality of water depended on everyone in the neighborhood. As it often happened, if someone forgot to put a cover back on the well, leaves would fall in, or that neighborhood child, who thought it was funny, would throw rocks into the well. If we got the water from the river, the same principle applied. Although we did not have a cover for the river, we all had an understanding that we should not throw stuff in the river. In both scenarios, the timing needed to be perfect. When it came to the river, we had to get the water very early in the morning before all the animals came in for their daily drink. Also because that is when the water was mostly clean. Our heart is the well that needs covering.  What is in the well will always come up in the bucket. Are you covering your well? Are you covering your mind with things that will eventually clog your well? Who is the neighborhood child throwing rocks in your well? One way to cover your well is to avoid feeding into negativity. Fill your mind with Godly thoughts. Getting up early in the morning for a time of fellowship with God. It is the time of day that your mind is most calm. Are you covering your well? Every time I dunked the bucket in the well, I expected to get water in return. What should people expect when they approach you? What is in the well comes out in the bucket. Cleave to what is good!!